Scott Ammerman

Scott Ammerman

The thing about Go Fox Adventures is that we all love what we do. None of us are here simply because ‘it’s a job.’ We’d be doing this stuff anyway, we love it that much. The fact that we get to be guides for other people makes it even better.”

Flashback to childhood, Scott wanted to be a marine biologist, thanks to all of those trips to the Baltimore Aquarium. A co-founder of Go Fox Adventures, Scott is busy on and off the trail as an experienced guide and leader, and also a regular content contributor and IT manager. He’s a steady hand and mind, and is prepared to put any number of American Red Cross training and certification credentials to use when needed: he’s a first aid/CRP/AED instructor, wilderness first aid instructor, and a CPR/AED for professional rescuers instructor. Scott also works with Swiftwater Rescue Training, and with Tread Lightly! as a master trainer.

Outdoors you’ll find him: 4-wheel drive trailside camping

Words to live by: Find out someone’s motivations, they are more important than their words

Animal spirit: Great Horned Owl

Super power:  Upland Chefery

His last word on earth might be: Euphemism 

Pet peeves: Being rude to servers or cashiers 

Sound advice: If you’re going to say “I don’t know how to do that,” follow it up with “…yet.”

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