Ricky Henry

“As a team, we care about the relationship between the natural and man-made world, and look for ways to constantly improve experiences within the spaces where we lead groups.”

Ricky brings a seasoned track record of management and hands-on problem solving into his work with Go Fox Adventures. As an expert multi-tasker, he stays mindful of what’s in front of him, but also thinks ahead to what’s down the trail. He also brings a knowledgeable and experienced hand when it comes to in-the-moment repairs, having previously worked in mechanical design, fabrication and installation, including software-assisted automotive/motorcycle diagnostic, repair, and restoration. 

Go-to happy hour drink: Beer

Sound advice: Don’t eat the yellow snow. 

You might hear him say: Stay out of the kitchen, it’s handled.

Animal spirit: Cockroach 

Favorite word: Spatchcock 

Words to live by: Never stop learning.

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