Joe Getz

“Part of the Go Fox Adventures spirit is the fact that we are all willing and ready to jump into anything when we are leading an event or an experience. This instills a great deal of confidence. People can relax into an experience because they know we can handle anything that happens.” 

Joe Getz is a true jack of all trades when it comes to being outdoors, whether offroading, camping, or racing RC cars. He’s also worked as a graphic designer and photographer over time, and brings this skill to help amplify Go Fox Adventures’ narrative content and stories. On a personal note, Joe is a trained winemaker, and has owned his own winery since 2015. This passion gives him even more ways to explore various flavors of the earth, and experiment with what mother nature provides.

Trail name: Panda

Spent a previous life as: A Panda  

As a boy he wanted to: Drive NASCAR

Best advice he ever received: buy Bitcoin (2012)

Favorite fictional holiday: National Parks Day

Animal spirit: If you’ve read this far, you already know. 

Words to live by: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Now go outside and have fun.

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