Ashlyn Maurer

“The outside world isn’t interested in egos. We leave ours behind as we go deeper into new experiences, adventures and events.”

Ashlyn is all about planning, producing, and documenting the smallest details of what’s happening. And, she also keeps her ear tuned to the music of what’s around her. Case in point: give her a riddle, and she’ll solve it with 97% logic, the rest with a magic that’s all her own. The combo of natural instincts and logical brainwork pair nicely no matter what environment she’s in, be it urban (having worked in the Philadelphia music scene) or wild (a gifted off-road event coordinator and trail guide).

Trail name: Slug

Where she goes when she teleports: Wandering around Southern California, or sipping Champagne and eating pasta on the Amalfi Coast.

Good advice: Be friendly to everybody. 

Her hero: Mom

Favorite fictional holiday: Disconnect-devices-and-power-down-with-your cat day

Animal spirit: Puma

Her last word on earth might be: quintessential 

Words to live by: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we’ll have peace.”  (Jimi)

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